Monday, 16 October 2017

Darwen Moor - 15 October

A couple of hours on Darwen Moor this afternoon when the light, especially above Winter Hill was wonderful.

The ground, away from the hard tracks, is pretty awful - West Pennine Moors' Bogs at their classic worst. On a fine afternoon it makes it a "Moor of Two Halves" - almost complete solitude on the bogs and hordes of people out enjoying themselves on the hard tracks.

We are fortunate to have these moors to close at hand and to be able to enjoy unhindered.

Winter Hill
Winter Hill (ii)
Muddy Track
Another Muddy Track

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  1. As you know I drop in from time to time and have a look at your posts and enjoy your photographs.

    I thought this series of photographs were fantastic.
    I appreciate you posted them a while ago ... but my good wishes.

    All the best Jan