Monday, 30 October 2017

Cartridge Hill - 29 October

On our third attempt (don't ask!) we finally reached the summit of Cartridge Hill which is a fairly uninteresting outlyer of Darwen Moor.

Well protected by peat bogs and more or less of paths it sits above the A66 with fine views all around. Today wasn't quite clear enough for the more distant views but those of Winter Hill made the short slog through the bogs worthwhile.

Winter Hill (i)
Winter Hill (ii)
Winter Hill (iii)

Monday, 23 October 2017

Wasdale - 22 October

Short walk with Joss and others following the JNLC Presentation Dinner last night. Conditions were better than expected and the rain didn't arrive until we were almost back at Greendale. A "water spout" (a small waterfall being blown upwards, back over the skyline) at the top of the screes suggested conditions were less benign higher up.

We stood at the end of the Lake for a minute's silence in memory of Monica Shone who contributed so much to the Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge.

Farm Machinery

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Below Kinder - 18 October

A grand day out with Rae & Helen and Pip & Flossy. Up to Kinder Low and down to Brown Knoll to finish over Mount Famine

Kinder Low
Kinder Low
Kinder Low
Brown Knoll
Brown Knoll
Coldwell Clough

Derelict Farm near Kinder

Derelict Farm (i)
Derelict Farm (ii)
Derelict Farm (iii)
Derelict Farm (iv)
Derelict Farm (v)
Derelict Farm (vi)

Monday, 16 October 2017

Darwen Moor - 15 October

A couple of hours on Darwen Moor this afternoon when the light, especially above Winter Hill was wonderful.

The ground, away from the hard tracks, is pretty awful - West Pennine Moors' Bogs at their classic worst. On a fine afternoon it makes it a "Moor of Two Halves" - almost complete solitude on the bogs and hordes of people out enjoying themselves on the hard tracks.

We are fortunate to have these moors to close at hand and to be able to enjoy unhindered.

Winter Hill
Winter Hill (ii)
Muddy Track
Another Muddy Track

Monday, 9 October 2017

Borrowdale - 07 October

High Spy, Low Scawdel (Sy), Nitting Hawes (Sy), High Crags (Sy), Castle Crag

From Rosthwaite up through the quarries to High Spy summit which wasn't a pleasant place to be in the wind and rain and we were happy to be heading towards Low Scawdel and down out of the wind. Low Scawdel summit was below the cloud base and enjoyed some views of Derwent Water and back up into Borrowdale.

On to Nitting Hawes which provided enough shelter from the wind for an early lunch before climbing back to the ridge after remarking how long it has been since we were out in conditions like these - another aspect of being spoiled in retirement!

On down the ridge and round the summit of Maiden Moor before turning for High Crags. A bit beyond the path the fell came into view and an "old friend" it turned out to be. I guess marshalling on the Teenager With Altitude and the Anniversary Waltz fell races I have walked up to and along the main ridge towards High Spy plenty of times and on many occasions have wondered about the hill off the ridge looking down Newlands Valley. It always seemed a fair way off the ridge (which it is), a fair bit below the ridge (which it is) and fairly isolated (which it is) but High Crags is well worth visiting for the views.

Back to the Catbells ridge and down to Grange for a coffee before heading back up the valley and over Castle Crag for a final look at Borrowdale before descending to the FRCC hut in Rosthwaite.

Setting Out
That Sort of Day
Newlands Valley
Grange Church
From Castle Crags
From Castle Crags
From Castle Crags as the clouds are lifting

Wythburn Fells - 06 October

Birk Crag (Sy) & Wythburn Fell (B, Sy)

The late start didn't seem like a problem at this stage because I estimated an hour from the car park by Thirlmere to reach Middle How at the head of Wythburn, perhaps a little longer, and about the same back.

After Birk Crag slow going and very soft ground meant it took us about an hour to get halfway to Middle How and left no option other than to turn back for Wythburn Fell. Slightly frustrating because Middle How is fairly isolated and also because we have both run and walked passed it a dozen times or more but it'll be there for the next time.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Winter Hill - 01 October

Stroll over Winter Hill with The Rucksack Club. Up "Inga's Steps" through the Chinese Gardens to The Pike and on to Winter Hill from the Two Lads. Then Hordern Stoops, Spitler's End and Great Hill before returning to Rivington with time for a cup of tea at White Coppice Cricket Club.

Initially damp and hazy with a little rain the day improved although the cloud base remained low then, just when we thought we would be able to finish the walk warm and dry, the rain returned as if to show us who was in charge!

A fine day out in familiar surroundings.