Monday, 28 August 2017

Chipping Show Fell Race - 26 August

There was a time I would have carried a small camera and taken photos during the race but those days are gone, just racing is hard enough. Last year this was a Bowland FR Club Championship race which helped swell the field and this year the field was back to its more usual small size.

Somewhere up the first climb I remind myself short races like this really need a warm up because, as usual, I get left behind in the frantic start in the show ring. I'll have forgotten by next year and will, again, have the fun of working through the field after the first climb is done. Unofficially, I am about 1 minute slower than last year and happy with that.

This is a great day out at a classic Lancashire Show with a good, hard race that deserves more support. Thanks to everyone who helped from Preston Harriers, and anywhere else. We'll be back for more next year.

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