Monday, 17 July 2017

Kentmere Horseshoe Fell Race - 16 July

A return to fell racing after a year or so's absence. Running on the roads through the winter seems to have worked because I avoided injuring my right knee for the first time for two years. It probably means I don't have enough climbing in my legs for even AM races like this but it is better than being injured.

This is my first time at Kentmere and before the race started I had been joking that I used to think this race wasn't far enough and now I think it might be too far! This isn't entirely a joke because after such a long layoff and many doubts about ever racing again I am more than a little nervous.

After a slow start at the back of the field I begin to sort myself out and pick up some places after the gradient becomes runnable. Descending is enjoyable again and my knee is still fine when I finish. I nearly avoid cramp but am able to run through it and, finally, walk it off after finishing.

Crikey, racing is hard work and on a less good day I am not sure I would have enjoyed it at all. I am glad I did it so perhaps Lakes AMs are the future.

Pete Bland - Fell Running Legend

Kentmere Church


Wondering - where the race goes


  1. You chose a hard one for your comeback Ian, but a great route. It sealed the inaugural FRA M70 Championship for me back in 2004.

    1. It is a fine route, particularly after the initial climb. You must have very fond, and well deserved, memories of Kentmere.