Monday, 31 July 2017

Coope's Dozen - 29 July

The last Saturday before Borrowdale so it must be "Coope's Dozen" - the annual pilgrimage visiting 12 of the 13 or 14 summits on and around Winter Hill.

Perhaps 12 or 14 runners gathered on the start line with about half that number intending to visit all 12 summits. Some of the summits are visited only rarely and very overgrown. This year is the worst I can remember and even the "fast group" took about 5 hours to complete the route. Of the five hours, one and a half were spent walking through thick and tall vegetation. In a couple of places the bracket was over six feet high - none of us could see over the top of it.

This was long day out - good for getting some miles in the legs and spending time on your feet. Fortunately the company was very good because the route was far from enjoyable.

Winter Hill from Hordern Stoops

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