Friday, 7 April 2017

Lantern Pike - 05 April

Lantern Pike is a sub-Hewitt we probably wouldn't have gone out of our way to bag but we strolled over it (and missed the fallen Trig Pillar) while out with some friends. A dull day (in terms of the weather only) with a keen wind, sufficiently keen to keep us below the Kinder plateau.

I am not particularly familiar with the area between Hayfield and Kinder and kept walking into small areas I remembered from various years doing the Kinder Trial. Slightly unsettling experience but great fun trying to remember if I really knew where I was either today or during the race.

Towards Mount Famine

Power Lines

The ruined mill is near Phoside Farm and is so overgrown it is surprising how much is left standing and how high the remaining walls are.

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