Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Glen Tromie - 14 April

Weather forecasts for Easter Weekend in the Cairngorms suggest winter won't leave the plateau for some time yet so we arrived in Kincraig with a long list of lower hills to bag, far more than a weekend's worth. The area between Glen Tromie and the A9 looks interesting but we have no idea how good or bad the ground might be so a walk down the glen and back over Croidh-la should give us an idea.

The heather cover is almost complete and without a path, trod or track to follow the going will be difficult and, probably, slow. Even paths shown on the map are faint and not always easy to find or follow as Croidh-la proved. Today's conclusion is while the said area is of interest it won't be explored this weekend.

The Ospreys are back on Loch Insh and much to our surprise and delight we were able to watch them on and around the next this afternoon.

Looking West from Croidh-la

Croidh-la Trig Point

Work In Progress (i)

Work In Progress (ii)

The best way up and down the glen

Osprey Watching

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