Monday, 6 March 2017

Winter Hill - 04 March

Most of this year's ascents of Winter Hill have been in low cloud or after dark neither of which is ideal for taking photographs so the prospect of a sunny day run to the end of the tarmac was pleasing. It is also a while since I ran on Winter Hill on a Saturday morning which is something of a contrast with the days when it was my most used Saturday morning running area. There were more cyclists than runners out but the "Stan Bradshaw Memorial Race" on Pendle probably attracted many of the local fell runners.

However bright the sunshine the cold wind was a constant reminder that winter isn't yet over although there has been remarkably little "proper winter" this year. A year ago there was snow here and I was preparing for a "Winter Week" in the Cairngorms before sunshine on the Costa Blanca. This year there is no snow here and so little in the Cairngorms we may not go but we do have a week in the hills on the Costa Blanca to look forward to.

Rusty Chain

Mast Road Puddle

Another Runner

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