Friday, 31 March 2017

Serra de Olta - 25 March

Serra de Olta is a classic Costa Blanca hill with rough ground, good paths and tower blocks and the coast in sight for much of the time. Calp's own mountain was on the route of a long mountain race today but, sadly, we saw only the route markers and not the runners. The reversing marked race route gave us an alternative, interesting descent through the trees, only joining the large track of the Circuit Principal near the Finca Pastor.

After climbing to the plateau we visited the subsidiary summit of Pou de la Mola where the bitterly cold wind didn't encourage lingering. The plateau is home to a mixed herd of goats and sheep and the goats, in particular, seemed used to humans and just ignored us as we approached and passed by. These aren't the small wild goats encountered elsewhere in Spain, these are much larger and as well as grazing they dig for roots like pigs. Don't think we have ever seen this before.

Calp in the morning sun

Calp from Serra de Olta

Bernia Ridge

Serra de Olta with race marker

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