Friday, 31 March 2017

Penyo Roig - 27 March

Above Murla, Penyo Roig and its subsidiary summit El Corbellot sit at the Eastern end of the Cavall Verd ridge.

The track from Murla climbs gently, passing a Calvary, to the Ermita de St Sebastia before zigzagging to and then beyond the tree line. Once the ridge is gained the route is more direct to an obstacle just below the summit of El Corbellot.

Once round the obstacle the summit is easily gained, views enjoyed and the shallow gorge between El Corbellot and Penyo Roig admired - admired because for most of the way up it looks as though a great deal of height will be lost between the summits. Traversing below Penyo Roig's crags costs a bit of height but the climb to the summit is straightforward. The descent is merely a matter of retracing the route back to Murla.

Start of the Calvary
The Calvary
Ermita de St Sebastia
The Cruz (i)
The Cruz (ii)
Penyo Roig from El Corbellot with Cavall Verd ridge beyond

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