Monday, 5 December 2016

North Western Fells - 04 December

Our third round of Wainwright's High Fells is creeping towards completion albeit a little slower than we intended. We almost had a plan to complete the round this year but other things, like life, got in the way and we still have 23 left to re-visit. Having started this round in 2007 another few months is really neither here nor there and days like to today are one or the reasons for the delay.

Some prefer to complete lists from scratch, re-visiting fells because they appear on a new list but this is an affliction we have been able to avoid. In 2007 we were blissfully unaware of most hill lists and wandered over and around Birketts, Synges and others without acknowledgement. Now we aim to bag Birketts and Synges along with Third Round Wainwrights and then we can have a look at our other incomplete lists. Our Marilyn list will always be incomplete but it will provide many good days out in the future.

With glorious sunshine and a cold easterly wind we left Wythop for Sale Fell, Rivings Lothwaite, Burthwaite Heights, Broom Fell, Widow Hause, Graystones (both summits), Kirk Fell (Lorton), Embleton High Common and Ling Fell. This gave us a 'haul' of 1 Trig Point, 3 Third Wainwrights, 9 Birketts (6 new) and 11 Synges (8 new) in addition to a great day out.

Looking at Skiddaw from Lothwaite


Old Scales Farm

Towards Skiddaw from Burthwaite Heights

Skiddaw from Broom Fell

Sunburst through the trees on Widow Hause

Late Afternoon Sunburst above Ling Fell

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