Monday, 31 October 2016

Duddon Valley - 27 October

On our way to Duddon we stopped on Corney Fell to visit Great Paddy Grag, Plough Hill and Stoneside Hill on a cold, wet windy morning. Great Paddy Crag was above the cloud base and the other two were below it, just. A wander over Black Combe had been an alternative for today but what a mistake that would have been.

After a bite of lunch we wandered over Wallowbarrow Crag to reach Iron Crag and Wallowbarrow Weald before trying to take a shortcut back to the Newfield Inn. Re-tracing our steps would have been a far better idea then descending through the tussocks to the steep moss and lichen covered boulder field we used to reach the path back to the valley floor.

High Wallowbarrow (i)

High Wallowbarrow (ii)

High Wallowbarrow (iii)

Below Wallowbarrow Crag


Below Iron Crag (i)

Below Iron Crag (ii)

Below Iron Crag (iii)

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