Monday, 31 October 2016

Birker Fell - 30 October

Back to collect the flags from yesterday on another grey day - not as grey as yesterday but without any rain. Low clouds and mist concealed almost everything higher than Green Crag.

Green Crag from White How

Coppermines Valley - 29 October

A long, 13 mile loop from Duddon Valley over Dow Crag to Swirl How and down into Coppermines Valley before returning to Duddon along Walna Scar Road. Had we known just how much the weather would differ from the forecast I suspect we might have preferred something else.

Very low thick clouds and persistent rain were our companions for almost the whole day. The twenty minutes or so above Coppermines Valley when the clouds were lifting was such a contrast with the rest of the day we could barely believe it was happening. The purpose was to visit some specific peaks - Buck Pike (below Dow Crag), Little How Crags (between Brim Fell and Swirl How), Erin Crag and Kennel Crag (both on a ridge above Coppermines Valley) - and this we did. The rain ceased, more or less, in the late afternoon and the final stretch along Walna Scar Road was under a heavy but dry sky.

Setting Out on Walna Scar Road

One of the gullys near Dow Crag summit

Levers Water

Coppermines Valley

Levers Water

Levers Water

Levers Water

Coppermines Valley

Coppermines Valley

Coppermines Valley

Coppermines Valley

Coppermines Valley

Coppermines Valley

Finishing on Walna Scar Road

Birker Fell - 28 October

The bogs of Birker Fell didn't disappoint.

Despite the recent good weather the bogs were full to the brim all around all of the small crags between the road and Green Crag where we were placing controls for tomorrow's Rucksack Club Navigation Challenge.

Birker Fell Road

Birker Fell with Green Crag on the right

Controls placed and a quick trip to Muncaster Fell to visit the recently relocated Marilyn summit before bagging the cafe at Little Ratty's Ravenglass Station.

Hooker Crag on Muncaster Fell

Ravenglass (i)

Ravenglass (ii)

Little Ratty (i)

Little Ratty (ii)

Little Ratty (iii)

Little Ratty (iv)

Duddon Valley - 27 October

On our way to Duddon we stopped on Corney Fell to visit Great Paddy Grag, Plough Hill and Stoneside Hill on a cold, wet windy morning. Great Paddy Crag was above the cloud base and the other two were below it, just. A wander over Black Combe had been an alternative for today but what a mistake that would have been.

After a bite of lunch we wandered over Wallowbarrow Crag to reach Iron Crag and Wallowbarrow Weald before trying to take a shortcut back to the Newfield Inn. Re-tracing our steps would have been a far better idea then descending through the tussocks to the steep moss and lichen covered boulder field we used to reach the path back to the valley floor.

High Wallowbarrow (i)

High Wallowbarrow (ii)

High Wallowbarrow (iii)

Below Wallowbarrow Crag


Below Iron Crag (i)

Below Iron Crag (ii)

Below Iron Crag (iii)

Monday, 24 October 2016

Buttermere - 22 October

At last, the forecast delivered the fine weather for a few hours in the morning. After a wander along the side of the lake we walked up through Warnscale Bottom to reach Green Crag, the first of four small peaks below Haystacks. By this time the cloud cover was virtually complete and a fine drizzle accompanied us over Green Crag, Haystacks SE Top, Great Round How and Little Round How. The drizzle disappeared around here somewhere as we climbed towards Honister Crag to bag our 20th peak since Wednesday lunchtime. Some of them we have visited previously but returned to them because we are trying to finish off a Third Round of Wainwright's High Fell. Fleetwith Pike would be our final summit of this trip and our only excuse for re-visiting it is the view from the descent to Gatesgarth Farm.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Buttermere - 21 October

Armed with the same "promising forecast" and a list of fells to bag we left Buttermere Village heading in the direction of Scales Force. In the hope the weather might improve later in the day we decided to leave Melbreak to the end and ploughed towards Floutern Cop and Banna Fell tops. These three had more than their share of flying insects which meant a late lunch below Hen Combe. After Hen Combe and Little Dodd we abandoned the plan to go the far end of the ridge to come back over both Melbreak summits and headed directly for the col in between them.

Mosedale has some pretty unpleasant ground on both sides of the beck but fortunately it doesn't last too long. The rain beat us to the summit of Melbreak, disappointingly. Scale Knott was an easy final fell of the day.

Towards Crummock Water

Scale Bridge

Grasmoor beyond Crummock Water

Buttermere with Fleetwith Pike

Rannerdale Knotts below Whiteless Pike

Crummock Water and Newlands Fells

Sun catching Red Gill

Buttermere Valley under low clouds

Grasmoor under low clouds

Crummock Water