Monday, 19 September 2016

"Withnail And I" Country - 17 September

A Rucksack Club Meet to tour "Withnail And I" country and bag a couple of Synges on the way round. Second Breakfast on Wasdale Pike having visited the Lunch House and Grey Bull before visiting the Saddle Crags, Widepot and Tongue Rigg, the first of the Synges.

From Tongue Rigg to Scam Mathew (the other Synge) and then down to Sleddale Hall or "Crow Crag" for a synopsis of the film and a tour of the partially restored ruin. To complete the day we bagged the pack-horse bridge below the hall.

Wet Sleddale Reservior

Wet Sleddale Reservior

By Grey Bull

Wasdale Pike

Sleddale Beck

Looking across upper Sleddale

Towards Wet Sleddale Reservior

Sleddale Hall (i)

Sleddale Hall (ii)

Sleddale Hall (iii)

David at Sleddale Hall

Leaving Sleddale Hall

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