Monday, 8 August 2016

Ian Roberts' JNLC Leg 4 - 6th August

A benign morning with sunshine at Sty Head while we watched the Borrowdale FR field come though while we waited on Ian Roberts arriving from Dunmail Raise. Ahead of schedule and in good spirits he arrived ready to eat, drink and to tackle the last leg of his crossing to Greendale Bridge. The wind is already strengthening and will continue to do so for the rest of the day.

By Pillar, Ian is beginning to lose time for the first time since leaving Pooley Bridge and turning into a headwind isn't going to help. Around an hour ahead of a 21.5 hour schedule means he has plenty of time to spare so everything is still relaxed.

Steeple marks a significant stage in the day - it is the final rocky summit and it is also the final dry one. Torrential rain greets us on Haycock and it relents only a little over the final three fells. Progress is slowed a little by the gale force winds and heavy rain but they disappear as we make the final descent to Greendale Bridge where Joss and the support team are waiting to offer well deserved congratulations to Ian.

This turned into a tough day out but Ian was up to the challenges and finished comfortably within his allowed 24 hours - very well done!

Wast Water

Ian at Sty Head

Ian and Ian at Sty Head

Descending Great Gable

Descending Kirk fell

With Joss on Greendale Bridge

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