Monday, 4 July 2016

High Rigg & Hallin Fell - 02 July

An odd pairing but together they were a 214th Wainwight and a 600th Marilyn (as well as a 1st Second Round Wainwright and final English Marilyn). There are probably other ways of classifying them too but, in any event, it was a fine day out as David completed his first Wainwright Round on High Rigg before we all went to Hallin Fell for Tim to bag his 600th Marilyn which was his final English Marilyn and David, unavoidably, started his second Wainwright Round.

David (and Mike) on High Rigg

On Hallin Fell

On Hallin Fell

Kite Flying On Hallin Fell

John, Mike & David

Mike, David & Tim

Cutting The Cake

On Hallin Fell

On Hallin Fell

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