Monday, 13 June 2016

Josie's Last Leg - 11 June

On a day when the weather was rarely helpful Josie reached Honister a little behind schedule in pouring rain. No matter how heavy it had been throughout the day it was never enough to dampen her spirits, as it were. With plenty of time to reach Keswick before midnight Dale Head came and went as did Hindscarth while the weather relented and the clouds lifted a little. At this stage in the day Robinson, which looks so small until you start to climb it, can become a bit of a slog but no time was lost and the 42nd of the day was bagged.

Now, just the descent and the jog along the road to the Moot Hall - it is all so easy when this is your only leg. Turning for the Moot Hall is a bitter-sweet moment, an ambition about to be achieved but a wonderful day out about to finish.

The day may end but the memories last forever - Well Done Josie.

Road to Buttermere from Honister Pass

Towards Buttermere from Robinson

Robinson - 42nd Bagged


Enjoying the moment

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