Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Joss's 80th Birthday Celebration - 25 June

Having turned 80 earlier in the year Joss celebrated by running and cycling 30 miles across Cumbria from Caldbeck to Low Greendale in memory of his father, Joe, who made the same journey in 1926.

Joss is raising money for the Brathay Trust and his "Just Giving Page" is here.

I was able to join him, and others, at Wasdale Head for a gentle ride down the valley to Low Greendale to complete a remarkable journey and one which Joss clearly enjoyed.

Wasdale Head

Joss with a brew

Joss with a better brew

Sharing a moment

With the Honister-Wasdale Head Crew

On the packhorse bridge

At Bowderdale

With Steve & Wynn

Sharing a pint with Barry Edwards who has just successfully completed the "Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge"

Joss Naylor MBE - presented with a photo taken some 19 years ago


Madeira - 17 June

With poor weather forecasts for Skye we abandoned our plans and sought sunshine elsewhere. A "too tempting to resist" deal for Madeira turned up and we took it. We visited the island in the autumn of 2001 when the weather was mixed but we visited the main summits, took the tours and walked the lavadas. This time we explored Funchal and the coast on foot and by bus, almost always in warm sunshine.

Painting a door in Funchal old town

Painted Door in Funchal old town

Painted Door in Funchal old town

Way too warm for cycling

Ice Cream Parlour at The Ritz


Towards the sea cliff, Cabo GirĂ£o



Camara do Lobos

Camara do Lobos

Camara do Lobos



Monday, 13 June 2016

Josie's Last Leg - 11 June

On a day when the weather was rarely helpful Josie reached Honister a little behind schedule in pouring rain. No matter how heavy it had been throughout the day it was never enough to dampen her spirits, as it were. With plenty of time to reach Keswick before midnight Dale Head came and went as did Hindscarth while the weather relented and the clouds lifted a little. At this stage in the day Robinson, which looks so small until you start to climb it, can become a bit of a slog but no time was lost and the 42nd of the day was bagged.

Now, just the descent and the jog along the road to the Moot Hall - it is all so easy when this is your only leg. Turning for the Moot Hall is a bitter-sweet moment, an ambition about to be achieved but a wonderful day out about to finish.

The day may end but the memories last forever - Well Done Josie.

Road to Buttermere from Honister Pass

Towards Buttermere from Robinson

Robinson - 42nd Bagged


Enjoying the moment

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Wee Cumbrae - 05 June

Another boat trip to a rarely inhabited island, Wee Cumbrae. Adjacent to Great Cumbrae, a place I visited many times in the past, Wee Cumbrae contains little but we can attest to its collection of bracken and brambles.

Along with David we were tempted by a 'rumour' of a track along the beach and back along the top of the escarpments to the old lighthouse and the island high point. Sadly, the track turned out to be little more than a rumour and we spent some hours bush-whacking to the summit.

The Coal Port - for importing coal


Towards Arran

The Old Lighthouse

Telegraph Poles

Back to the mainland

Ailsa Craig - 04 June

Boat trip from Girvan with a group of Marilyn baggers to the Ailsa Craig was our treat after a week or two of local activity. The island contains an automated lighthouse, a bothy used by the RSPB and an impressive collection of derelict buildings. This is almost certainly our most spectacular Trig Point and Marilyn to date.

The Other Boat

The Lighthouse

Getting Nearer

The Slipway

Derelict Gas Works

Trig Point

The Lighthouse

Derelict Cart

Derelict Track


Side of the Lighthouse

The Slipways

Derelict Track