Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Tenby & St Davids - 09 May

With doom & gloom filling all the weather forecasts we decided not to commit to another night in Tenby or indeed near St Davids which had been our second plan. Waking to unexpected rain meant taking down a wet tent which definitely wasn't part of the plan. A further round of weather forecasts convinced us that we should enjoy a dry day, probably, and that it was very likely to rain for the day and a half thereafter. The plan became Tenby then St Davids and then home.

This worked better than we expected as we saw no rain until we were driving home when thunder storms raged overhead, convincing us that heading home was for best.

On a quiet, dull Monday morning - quite a contrast with yesterday.

St Davids

There is little to see that isn't part of or in some way associated with the Cathedral although I did resist the Patagonia kit in a sale.

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