Monday, 2 May 2016

Kirkstone Pass - 29 April

Traffic reports of road closures because of snow made us wonder just how difficult things might be on Saturday and made us have another look at our plans. Deciding that if conditions are bad then an extra support point at Cockley Beck would probably be worthwhile and just about feasible. Road conditions could be tricky though and the road over Hardknott and Wrynose Passes could be very tricky so alternative routes and journey times calculated. We also decided to have a look at Kirkstone Pass on the way to the Salving House.

The view down "The Struggle"

Kirkstone Inn

The road over Kirkstone Pass was clear and had been gritted but this may have been because the A591 remains closed but nevertheless we arrived in Borrowdale optimistic that conditions weren't too bad.

Our optimism didn't last long because a couple of others had been out on the fells, relatively low fells, and reported encountering fresh, deep snow which would make for very slow going. Now the Cockley Beck support point began to look like a liability not least because if we were delayed on Scafell Pike we would probably not be able to let Pauline and Helen know. Equally if Pauline and Helen are delayed then we would have a problem and so the support point at Cockley Beck was abandoned.

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