Monday, 16 May 2016

Kentmere - 14 May

The Kentmere Parish Boundary climbs out of the valley near Capple How (our first and only new Birkett of the day) where we joined it. From there over Sour Howes to drop on to the Garburn Road for Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick, Thornthwaite Crag and High Street.

There are few people on the west side of the horseshoe despite the 3 sponsored walks in the valley starting from Staveley. It is something of a surprise to find it is 2009 since Pauline and I were last here and I wonder how that could happen. This is a delightful place, quiet even on a busy day and easy walking or running with much to enjoy - we won't leave it as long until our next visit.

Thornthwaite Carg and High Street were busier, almost crowded, but it is good to see so many people out enjoying the fells and, so obviously, enjoying themselves.

Mardale Ill Bell then Harter Fell for the eastern side the horseshoe to Kentmere Pike and Shipman Knotts. The boundary wanders over Green Quarter which would involved some very wet ground indeed and so rather than spoil the day with gratuitous bog trotting we headed back to the car from Shipman Knotts.

Poppy contemplating Thornthwaite Crag in the distance

High Street, Nan Beild and Harter Fell

Windermere and much more beyond Wansfell

Looking back to Ill Bell and Windermere

Thornthwaite Crag

High Street

High Street

Mardale and Haweswater

North over Rough Crag to Kidsty Pike

Across the valley to Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick

Haweswater with the Pennines in the far distance

Looking across the valley

Across the head of Mardale

Across Kentmere

Poppy, reluctantly, has her paws washed

South over Green Quarter

Back up Kentmere

Back up Kentmere


  1. Hello Ian - as I type this it's the 1st June, where has the last few months gone? Time passes so quickly.

    I've just caught up with some of your older posts and once again your photo's are lovely.

    I've never visited Tenby, I thought your black and white shots were different, and the ones of the coastline in full colour majestic.

    Your newest post here showing the wonderful scenery is so good for the soul!

    Hope June is a good month for you and yours ...

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan,

      This year has flown by but I am glad you are still enjoying the photos.

      Best wishes