Monday, 11 April 2016

Packhorse Bridges & Birketts - 10 April

A messy sort of Bagging day but a worthwhile one. For a variety of reasons we had a few hills around Shap left to bag, not enough for a full day but with a few packhorse bridges in the vicinity we had enough to keep ourselves amused for the day.

Classic Packhorse Bridge at Rosgill

Classic Packhorse Bridge at Rosgill again

Burnbanks Packhorse Bridge

The stables below Knipescar Common
 Have bagged the two bridges around Bampton we headed a little north to visit Knipescar Common and conclude the morning's activities.

We spent the afternoon wandering about Wet Sleddale to visit three fells on the south side of the valley. These we failed to reach one very cold day some years ago. In theory we were keeping them for better weather with drier ground and today we enjoyed the better weather and concluded the drier ground would only be found elsewhere.

Abandoned Axle

Looking back to Wet Sleddale Hall

The Packhorse Bridge in Wet Sleddale was moved to avoid it being submerged when the dam was built. When it was rebuilt in its present location the parapets were added and so while it may be a genuine packhorse bridge it has been relocated and significantly altered.

Wet Sleddale Packhorse Bridge

Late Afternoon Sunburst

Wet Sleddale Reservoir
All bridges visited and peaks bagged on a long slow afternoon trudging over wet rough ground. Away from the car park we only saw two other walkers, a couple seemingly reversing our route. The going is slow but it allows time to savour these hills and there is plenty to enjoy here

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