Monday, 25 April 2016

Our Final "Outlying Fell" - 23 April

On the 23rd May 1998 we, more or less inadvertently, bagged the first of Wainwright's "Outlying Fells", Lord's Seat on Whitbarrow. Over the following 18 years we visited other Outlying Fells without ever really trying to complete the list. Usually we bagged Outlyers when the weather was too bad for the high fells or we were passing by on our way home from somewhere else, neither of which is entirely fair to the list because it contains some wonderful little hills.

Last week I realised we had bagged all Wainwright's Outlyers apart from four which were all in a cluster around Newby Bridge. Almost exactly 18 years after our Outlyer we went out to bag our final four which were Ravens Barrow, Staveley Fell . (While there we visited Birch Fell and came back over Gummers How.), Finsthwaite and Newton Fell.

I would like to be able to claim that careful planning ensured we ended up with a cluster that could be done in a day and that, even better, our first summit could be seen from our final summit but I can't. Lord's Seat was bagged long before we had heard of Wainwright's Outlying Fells and we were too busy with other things to realise the end of the list was approaching. Some of the "other things" we were too busy with are other lists and we are hoping to celebrate other completions before the end of the year. In the meantime, we will enjoy this one.

Looking North from Gummer's How

River Leven Weirs - below Finsthwaite

Haverthwaite Railway

Towards the Coniston Fells from Newton Fell (North)

Fiddler Hall (below Newton Fell north summit)

Morecambe Bay from Newton Fell (South)

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