Monday, 4 April 2016

Claife Heights - 02 April

With weather as bad as or perhaps even worse than forecast on Friday night and with more rain to follow on Saturday we 'folded up our plans and put them away" for another day. Great Langdale was, as forecast, a  very wet place early on Saturday morning with little prospect for improvement. Over a late, lazy breakfast options were considered and bagging Claife Heights, on the way home, emerged as favourite - a new Wainwright Outlyer, a new Trig Point and a new Marilyn. It is also, in the words of our old friend Keith, "a hill you wouldn't want to waste a good day on".

Three Dubs Tarn

High Blind How
We spent a couple of hours in the rain wandering around, somewhat erratically, attempting to follow the sporadic signposts to Claife Heights. Once we stopped trying to follow the signposts we reached the summit, saw nothing and headed back to Far Sawrey with a 'tick' or three in the bag.


  1. I can remember sitting in the grounds of Cuckoo Brow in Far Sawrey ... a most beautiful day in the middle of summer.
    Happy memories.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan - obviously you had a better day than we did :)