Monday, 18 April 2016

Around Thirlmere - 15 April

The northern end of Thirlmere has a collection of Birketts, a Wainwright we want to bag for our Third Round and a packhorse bridge at Smaithwaite. Our afternoon consisted of two 'rounds' - the first to Raven Crag, Castle Crag and Sippling Crag and the second to the bridge Smaithwaite followed by Great How.

The packhorse bridge has been modified somewhat and it is believed the beck was widened as part of the reservoir works in 1894 necessitating the two wooden extensions.

Raven Crag is benefiting from a new, almost complete wooden staircase to the summit which we shared with the 3 guys building the stairs. Castle Crag is signposted and has a well-walked path while Sippling Crag remains, almost, a secret. There is a trod leading away from the forest road but it remains uncairned and we weren't going to change that.

The A591 remains closed and the road around the back of the lake is reserved for the shuttle bus, taxis and cyclists. The back road has a guard to allow buses through and turn away mere mortals but she assured me that walking from the Church to Wyth Burn wouldn't be a problem as long as we avoid the machinery. This didn't matter today but at the end of the month we will be walking the Old County Tops and this is a key part of the route. On previous occasions I have been able to arrange road support here but that won't be possible this year.

Smaithwaite Packhorse Bridge

Thirlmere from the dam

Thirlmere from Raven Crag

The Northern Fells from Great How

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