Thursday, 3 March 2016

Bury, Hull & Bruges - 27 February-01 March

Sharing  a head cold thwarted plans for the weekend but meant we could suffer concurrently rather than consecutively. There is also a 'Silver Lining' in that the weather forecast for Monday in Bruges is stunningly good. No hills in Bruges, I know, but throughout the winter P&O Ferries have '2 for 1' offers on sailings across the North Sea for day trips (or longer) to a number of places in Belgium and Holland

Previously only poor weather forecasts for Bruges coincided with spaces in our diary and so this looked like the last chance for this season and too good to miss. On Saturday, with the forecast for Monday still looking good we booked and packed - not that either took long - before a wander round Bury Market.

Bury Market
More from Bury Market.

Hull on Sunday afternoon for the night sailing to Zeebrugge where there would be a coach waiting to take us to Bruges. Glorious sunshine on Sunday afternoon became a spectacular sunset just as we set sail - about perfect.

Leaving Hull Docks

More from Hull on Sunday.

The weather forecast was right and we enjoyed a wonderful, cold, sunny day in Bruges. A single day isn't long enough, of course, and I am sure we will go back for longer but I doubt if we will ever enjoy weather quite as good as Monday.

Bruges Shadows

More from Bruges in Winter Sunshine.

In complete contrast gale force winds and heavy rain were forecast for the return sailing. This forecast, too, was accurate and in the morning, even in the River Humber, the wind made maneuvering the ferry difficult. Even the tug seemed to struggle to get the ferry lined up to enter the tidal lock for access to the docks.

Fighting The WInd

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