Monday, 15 February 2016

Birketts above Dockray - 14 February

A small horseshoe of Birketts sit above Dockray and invite an extension on to the Dodds to make a proper round for the day. The weather was having none of it and settled heavy clouds on the Dodds.

The highest of the two Birketts, Randerside and Birkett Fell, were well above the snow line and above the cloud base too, for much of the day.

1. Bracken How
2. Common Fell
3. Swinside Knott
4. Brown Hills
5. Birkett Fell
6. Randerside
7. High Brow
8. Low How

The first four were perfectly straightforward and provided stunning views of Ullswater and the high fells beyond. Birkett Fell is easy to reach even in low cloud because the wall passes very close to the summit cairn. The route from there to Randerside could have been one of many. Over the Dodds would have been slow and unpleasant because of the wind and the snow. The river and the bog on the direct line between the summits were potentially troublesome so we headed down to Dowthwaite Head to cross the river and have some lunch in the shelter of the valley.

Up out of the valley to Randerside before turning into a snow storm on the way to High Brow and Low How. A fine winter day out and 8 Birketts bagged.


Dowthwaite Head



Head of Ullswater and more

Sheffield Pike


The way down

Pauline descending to Dowthwaite Head

Low How

Randerside Summit


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