Monday, 18 January 2016

Winter Hill - 17 January

A slip coming off Kilimanjaro about a fortnight ago left me with an injured knee - not badly injured, it didn't prevent me walking then or subsequently but it isn't any better now than it was the day after it happened. Walking doesn't seem to aggravate it while twisting it does and I am reluctant to run on it because I am frightened of twisting it.

A Sunday morning run over Winter Hill has been a regular fixture for local runners for a very long time and now there are enough injured runners to form a "Sunday Morning Walking Group". Pauline and I joined Michele and Erica for a walk, mostly, round the Monday Night Recovery Run route. Saturday night's snow allowed Winter Hill to live up to its name for the first time this winter.

Path I have never noticed before - wonder where it goes.

George's Lane

Tree below The Pike

George's Lane

On the Two Lads

Top of the Mast Road

Towards Great Hill

Trees below Ammunition Corner

One of the many!

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