Monday, 25 January 2016

Thorn Crag - 23 January

A weekend at Raw Head for the FRCC Burn's Supper Meet and the opportunity to bag a couple more peaks - or so we thought. Climbing up from the New Dungeon Ghyll car park park towards Stickle Tarn the already poor weather began to deteriorate. Thoughts of Thunacar Knott, which we want to bag again for our Third Round began to get blown away by the strengthening wind. Heading straight to Thorn Crag meant we could traverse under Pike Howe and seek as much shelter as possible before heading, almost, directly up to Thorn Crag.

With zero visibility, persistent rain and a gusting wind we decided to head back down by Dungeon Ghyll which wasn't our best decision of the day. Patches of soft snow on the path didn't help but worst was the gusting wind attempting to pluck us from the path. Despite having to re-cross three large snow fields retreat was the only sensible option. Back in the heart of the Langdale Pikes the rain began to ease a little. In the hope of dropping below the clouds Sticks Pass became our next destination and although the wind didn't drop until we reached the valley floor we did drop out of the clouds.

Finally, with one more Birkett bagged we decided we deserved the Old Dungeon Ghyll.

Great Langdale

In The Corner By The Fire

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