Sunday, 17 January 2016

Summit Day - 02 January

Almost on time departure after a very long night in the tent. Despite what everyone said about it being difficult to sleep at 19,000 feet I slept for about 12 hours. Pauline didn't sleep quite as well and we never really catch up with acclimatisation. This must have been a mild night despite the ice inside the tent because my feet weren't cold for the first time. Breakfast was more difficult than usual and I was struggling to drink ice cold water to help reduce the the effects of the altitude. 

The first light isn't long in arriving and the last 800 or so feet are gained fairly quickly, or so it seems. Even from a distance the crowd at the summit is clearly visible and it isn't yet seven in the morning.

All eight of us summited and despite the crowds it was a pretty good feeling. This is the highest we have ever been and that made it a bit special too.

Summit Day is also the First Descent Day and having come up a very quiet route we were about to descend on a very busy one, at least for a while. Having climbed about 800 feet this morning we now had about 10,000 feet to walk down before bed tonight.

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