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Shira Camp One - 28 December 2015

Ayumwi, the Chief Guide is happy with our route choice and suggests a couple of alternatives, in particular, going straight to Shira Camp 2. Even before we realised this would have meant a 5-6 hour hike at 12,000 feet on our first day we preferred our original choices.

Shira Route means a long drive to the Londorosi Gate to 'sign in', have lunch and sort out the porters' loads. A short drive further up the road would then leave us a short walk to Shira One camp. We leave almost on time with what we all hope will be sufficient kit for the worst the weather can throw at us. Forecasts show snow everyday on the summit and a relatively balmy -6C with rain on lower slopes. The drive is broken a couple of times - once to buy "treats" at a supermarket and the other for a puncture. Both provide an opportunity for "Everyday Life" photos.

Bringing the Potato Harvest in (1)

Bringing the Potato Harvest in (2)

Weighing the Porters' Loads (1)

Weighing the Porters' Loads (2)

Pauline at Londorosi Gate

Beyond the Londorosi Gate the rain clouds are gathering and with impeccable they arrive at the trail head as we do and so, somewhat unexpectedly, we start the long climb in full waterproofs. These showers don't last it is dry when we reach Shira One camp. 

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