Sunday, 17 January 2016

Mweka Gate - 03 January

Down 10,000 feet yesterday to Mweka Camp and then today on further down to Mweka Gate to finish the trek and sign out of the park. First, though, there are a couple of ceremonies - the first being the Tipping Ceremony which is followed by the Kilimanjaro Song, sung by the entire support crew. Now down to a warm, comfortable altitude I think we all probably slept well and were more relaxed than we had been for a day or two. This camp is such a contrast to the summit that it is hard to believe you can walk from one to the other in a day.

Part One of the trip is over and the party will split up as people go off to do other things. Richard, Pauline and I will stay together for another big hill and a safari. 

Getting ready to break camp for the last time

The Tipping Ceremony - everyone receives their own individual tip

The Kilimanjaro Song

Last Look at the summit

Walking Out

Walking Out

All Done - apart from the paperwork

Mweka Gate

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