Sunday, 17 January 2016

Lava Tower Camp - 30 December 2015

Woke early and got up to watch the sunrise and although the sun can't be seen until after it has been over the horizon for a while it is a delight to watch the light creep across the hillsides below us. Mount Meru sits above the clouds, the very epitome of a conical mountain. 

Longer day but the easy pace kept it comfortable until the low clouds poured in bringing lower temperatures. This initially disguised the dropping temperatures due to the altitude but by the evening it was very obvious the heat of the plains and the jungle had been left far behind. A small party scrambled up the lava tower to finish off the day.

Mount Meru

Mount Kilimanjaro

Porters Whizz By

Chief Guide (centre) and his two assistants

Typical Load

Into The Low Clouds

The Guides in the clouds

One More Porter

Approaching the Lava Tower

The Lava Tower

Lava Tower Scramble

The Lava Tower Party

The Camp from the Lava Tower

Cave on the Lava Tower Descent

Duane in the Lava Tower Cave

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