Sunday, 1 November 2015

Winter Hill – 31 October

My head cold is lingering longer than I expected but finally seems to be showing some signs of departing for good. Pauline is struggling with it too but seems to be making a better job of it then I did during the same early stages so we dragged ourselves over to George’s Lane for a trundle to the Trig.

20151031_001_winterhill-5Towards the Shooting Hut

20151031_002_winterhill-6Towards Smithills Reservoir


20151031_003_winterhill-8Towards the summit


20151031_004_winterhill-11Trig Point with one of its three Red Roses


20151031_005_winterhill-12Near the Trig Point – only October but the ground is mid-Winter wet already


20151031_006_winterhill-22Boys’ Big Toys in the quarry

We went our own ways to try to get the most out of about an hour’s running and felt better for having been out, so much so that we decided, immediately, to do it again on Sunday morning – we seemed to be well along the road to recovery. That wasn’t how it seemed on Sunday morning though, we are both back to how we were in the middle of last week. Perhaps this is the final fling from the cold, I really hope so because we both really, really want to be rid of it.

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