Monday, 30 November 2015

Top Lock Turnaround – 28 November

Best laid plans etc., etc. After months of improvement my ‘fragile knee’ reverted to its old self and I have been reduced to short runs for the last few weeks but I thought it was about to find out if these have allowed any improvement. A run over Winter Hill seemed a likely way to find out and it looked as though I would be able to do it before the worst of the weather arrived on Saturday morning. That was the plan but it seems that even just thinking about it is enough to set my knee off. Although it often improves through the day, the ache that greeted me on wakening was enough to suggest a long run would be only a little short of foolish.

Cycling doesn’t seem to aggravate it so I had a ride out to Top Lock and beat the rain back home, just.


20151128_001_toplock-20-EditTop Lock, Wheelton



20151128_002_toplock-26-EditAbove Top Lock

20151128_003_toplock-29Yarrow Reservoir outflow 


20151128_004_toplock-36Yarrow Reservoir outflow with Anglezark reservoir beyond

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