Monday, 16 November 2015

Not Winter Hill Again – 14 November

Many is the time when we have been peak-bagging and defeated by the weather or some other foible that the day was recorded as “Not Name of Target Hill”  and so it seems appropriate to refer to another weekend and the preceding week of short runs as “Not Winter Hill”. Since and including last Sunday I have run/walked/cycled everyday including last Friday and my knee is no worse than it was a week ago. It seems running not very far on little hills doesn’t do it any harm, even running on consecutive days. Next week I’ll do a bit more until and keep doing a bit more until I reach the point when I have to back off and that, by and large, will determine how much running I do next year.

In the meantime, I enjoyed a pretty gentle wander around Borsdane Wood in hazy sunshine.


20151114_001_Hindley-32Flooded Field

20151114_002_Hindley-33Pond without any ducks

20151114_003_Hindley-42Big sky with steam from Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station

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