Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Mickledore and More – 11 October

Armed with an overoptimistic weather forecast and an overambitious plan we were heading for Mickledore when the cloud base dropped to obscure both Scafell Pike summit and Mickledore itself. Despite the forecast and the earlier sunshine there was no prospect whatsoever of being able to find our way to Pen on the Eskdale side of Scafell Pike.

Through Mickledore and down to Upper Eskdale where we decided to leave Gait Crags until we returned to bag Pan and head round to Whinscales and Great How to bag two Birketts. This accomplished we headed back to Brackenclose thinking about the couple we had met earlier near Great Moss. The conversation opened with “Please tell me this isn’t Great Moss”, unfortunately it was. Having walked through Esk Hause in the wrong direction (in very poor visibility) they compounded the error by descending into Upper Eskdale instead of Great Langdale. All we could do was confirm their location and direct them back to Esk Hause.


20151011_001_wasdale-501-EditWasdale with some early sunshine


20151011_002_wasdale-507-EditApproaching Mickledore

20151011_003_wasdale-509Looking down to Upper Eskdale


20151011_004_wasdale-510Looking down to Upper Eskdale

20151011_005_wasdale-529Upper Eskdale


20151011_006_wasdale-538Upper Eskdale looking toward Esk Hause




20151011_007_wasdale-540Upper Eskdale


20151011_008_wasdale-546Towards Stoney Tarn


20151011_009_wasdale-550Slight Side and Scafell from Great How

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