Wednesday, 7 October 2015


A small village on the south east corner of the island easily reached from Punta Prima by the GR223 (Cami de Cavalls) which circumnavigates the island. Alcafar is a gem, seemingly bypassed by commercialism (or at least bypassed by “Huge Hotel” commercialism)  and long may it continue in the same way.




  1. You found us! Alcaufar is a real gem. We stay at the Xuroy which sits right on the beach in your picture. A wonderful place to relax over 'Happy Hour' in the evening light with the sea gently lapping the sand just yards away. And easy to step out onto the Cami de Cavalls for early morning runs. Don't tell everyone!

  2. We had a coffee at the Xuroy and can well imagine how good a warm evening there would be. I think this is the place we enjoyed most, it is absolutely wonderful.