Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Wainwright Bagging – 06 September

In an effort to finally complete our third round of Wainwright’s High Fells and our first round of his Outlying Fells along with Birketts and other lists we sometimes end up with slightly awkward routes and today was one of those times. From Beetham Cottage over Gale Crag (Birkett) to Hartsop Above How (Wainwright, as are all others) and on to the Fairfield Horseshoe between Hart Crag and Dove Crag. Over Dove Crag (doesn’t count today) to High Pike then down to Low Pike and so far this a fairly obvious natural crossing however here we turn and look back up to High Pike because it is to there we must return. High Pike to High Beckstones which doesn’t seem to be listed but does have a very fine cairn which provides an excuse to sit on the sun and contemplate Little Hart Crag and High Hartsop Dodd where we are headed – more significantly we can see the Brotherswater Inn which will be the last tick of the day.

20150906_001_beethamcottage-257Morning sunshine reaches High Hartsop Dodd and Dove Crag

20150906_002_beethamcottage-1Looking back to Place Fell

20150906_003_beethamcottage-7Pauline climbing towards Hart Crag

20150906_004_beethamcottage-10Towards Hartsop Above How

20150906_005_beethamcottage-19Ambleside and Windermere from Low Pike

20150906_006_beethamcottage-20High Pike from Low Pike

20150906_007_beethamcottage-25The Coniston Fells and much more from Low Pike

20150906_008_beethamcottage-30Towards St Sunday Crag from Little Hart Crag

20150906_009_beethamcottage-36Hartsop Hall

20150906_010_beethamcottage-44-EditAfternoon sun on Brothers Water

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  1. What a wonderful post, the photo's were a joy to look at. I so enjoyed it thank you.

    All the best Jan