Monday, 21 September 2015

Tidying Up – 20 September

For a year or more we have been thinking about completing the Marilyns in Region 36 – our ‘home region’. The three remaining hills were almost as far south as Crewe in Cheshire and about an hour’s drive apart. This latter characteristic we didn’t realise until yesterday when we visited all three. After yesterday’s glorious sunshine Sunday’s heavy clouds were something of a disappointment. Raw Head, the first of the three, is the highest point on the Sandstone Trail and attracted a pretty steady stream of walkers and dogs. The Cloud was even busier while we had Gun entirely to ourselves, apart from the occasional drop of rain. In total we drove for more than 3 hours and walked for fewer than 3 miles but we did bag all three and completed Region 36 some 19 years after bagging our first and nearest Marilyn, Winter Hill. I do hope we are able to complete the other Regions (apart from Region 25, St Kilda) somewhat quicker.


20150920_002_cheshire-24-EditContemplating on The Cloud

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