Monday, 14 September 2015

Lake District Mountain Trial 2015 – 13 September

A year ago I was nursing an injured knee round the Mountain Trial and carefully picking races that might give me points in the Club Championship without doing any further damage. A year later after almost no racing my knee is as good as it is going get and the acute problem seems to have been cured. A year ago I also wondered if I had made a mistake entering the Medium rather than the Classic but this no such doubts existed and having seen the Classic map I think the Classic is now always going to be beyond me. This isn’t a problem – the Medium is a tough enough day out, even when you don’t make any serious errors.

Despite the poor visibility at the start I didn’t lose much time finding (stumbling across) the control below Galaramara. Thereafter visibility improved and although there were places I could have picked better lines the only poor call was getting the two tarns on Haystacks the wrong way round. In comparison with errors I have made in the past on or around controls late in the race this was really neither here nor there!


20150913_001_LDMT-22-EditWhat might have been?

As ever, the Mountain Trial is a great day and huge thanks are due to all involved in making in happen.

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