Monday, 3 August 2015

Winter Hill–Southeast Slope – 02 August

Grander, further afoot plans gave way to garden chores – we have been thinking about replacing a broken fence and a couple of broken gates for a year or two now. These are the sort of things that [i] you never have time to do and [ii] you really can’t rush into and I had made a start, I have been clearing the ivy (which is supporting the fence) for nigh on two years. Then last week Keith phoned to say he was coming down to replace the fence and fix the gates! Having renegotiated (delayed) his visit for a week or two more we realised progress was needed if Keith was going be able to do anything while he is here. Removing the ivy took priority over the Trig Point bagging we had planned.

We had time for a run over Winter Hill after almost all the ivy had been removed so all was not lost. During the last year or two, roughly the time it has taken me to clear the ivy we planted so carefully when we moved in all these years ago), a small cairn has been growing on a slightly raised bit of peat bog to the south of the mast road. Often it was little more than three or four stones on top of each other, sometimes it disappeared altogether and I have a suspicion it may have been relocated once. Now it has blossomed into a 5 feet (1.5 metre) tower as if marking a summit of some significance and indeed it may be doing just that.


20150802_001_winterhill-5 Summit Cairn on “Winter Hill – Southeast Slope”

This is the likely highest point in Bolton – Winter Hill summit lies on the Manchester/Lancashire border as so isn’t entirely within the Bolton Unitary Authority – and is identified as “Winter Hill – Southeast Slope” on, which is something of an authority on these matters. The details can be found here and I guess I need to log my visit.

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