Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Burnsall – 22 August

We went not to race but to take photos of Mercia Fell Runners and of two, in particular.


20150822_002_Jim_Zoe-557Team Mercia

20150822_001_Zoe & Jim-245Jim, Zoe & Bailey

20150822_003_Jim_Zoe-302Jim on the way out

20150822_002_Zoe & Jim-328Zoe on the way back

The reason for the big Mercia turnout at Burnsall was because of a wedding a little earlier in the afternoon.


20150822_001_Jim_Zoe-133-EditJim and Zoe

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Castle Crag – 16 August

A wee hill we have only ever summited in pouring rain and low cloud (twice) we wanted to bag for our third round of Wainwrights was just perfect for Sunday morning. Not much of an outing but plans for the rest of the week dictated a short day and an early return home. The cloudless sky early in the morning promised a greatly improved day, a promise that was not to be fulfilled as cloud and eventually rain returned. Ah well, having been beaten to the summit by rain twice before we won this time.

20150816_001_Borrowdale-519-EditMorning mist in Borrowdale clearing as sunshine arrives

20150816_002_Borrowdale-522-EditNature gaining a foothold on top of a wall

20150816_003_Borrowdale-101-EditLooking up Borrowdale from Castle Crag

20150816_004_Borrowdale-118-EditDerwent Water and the Northern Fells from Castle Crag

Birkett Bagging above Borrowdale – 15 August

A weekend in Borrowdale gave us the opportunity to bag the Birketts between Ullscarf and High Tove and then add King’s How to the end of the day. Morning cloud cover, the year’s cold wind with the occasional rain shower made it a distinctly autumnal day and the wet, slow-going ground did little to help. Late afternoon sunshine was very welcome and produced some dramatic light at Watendlath and in Borrowdale.


20150815_001_Borrowdale-22By a disused quarry near Bell Crags looking to the North Western Fells

20150815_002_Borrowdale-26Looking north from the same area


20150815_004_Borrowdale-78Castle Crag in Borrowdale

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Turner Landscape fell race – 08 August

Dow Crag in sunshine and a cold breeze – about perfect for running and not bad for marshalling either. The race is a fund raiser for Alzheimer’s Research and this year over £1000 was raised. The results are here.

20150808_001_turnerlandscape-70Coniston Water with Morecambe Bay beyond

20150808_002_turnerlandscape-74North East towards Swirl How

20150808_003_turnerlandscape-77Checking the photo

20150808_004_turnerlandscape-123Mark Chippendale leading Lee Procter

20150808_005_turnerlandscape-131Chris Balderson leading with Mark Irvine behind an Ambleside runner

20150808_006_turnerlandscape-185Leigh Warburton

20150808_007_turnerlandscape-236Steve Cliff

20150808_008_turnerlandscape-422Martin Walsh (5)

More race photos here

Birker Fell – 07 August

A short outing to bag the last of the Birketts west of Green Crag. The last time we were here was the day before a JNLC recce with Michele and we wanted an easy afternoon which was a pity because we preferred not to bag the remaining 3 Birketts beyond Green Crag. Of course, it left us with an excuse to come back again but the most obvious way to reach these three is from the Ulpha road which is separated from the fells by a stretch of tussocky bog. These are quiet hills enjoying very fine views of the Southern Fells with Harter Fell dominating the near ground.


20150807_005_birkerfell-24-EditHarter Fell with the Scafells beyond

20150807_001_birkerfell-1-EditPillar in the far distance, the Scafells with Esk Pike and Bowfell on the distant skyline

20150807_003_birkerfell-16-EditGreen Crag and Herdwicks

20150807_004_birkerfell-23-EditSouthwest to the Broughton Fells

Monday, 3 August 2015

Winter Hill–Southeast Slope – 02 August

Grander, further afoot plans gave way to garden chores – we have been thinking about replacing a broken fence and a couple of broken gates for a year or two now. These are the sort of things that [i] you never have time to do and [ii] you really can’t rush into and I had made a start, I have been clearing the ivy (which is supporting the fence) for nigh on two years. Then last week Keith phoned to say he was coming down to replace the fence and fix the gates! Having renegotiated (delayed) his visit for a week or two more we realised progress was needed if Keith was going be able to do anything while he is here. Removing the ivy took priority over the Trig Point bagging we had planned.

We had time for a run over Winter Hill after almost all the ivy had been removed so all was not lost. During the last year or two, roughly the time it has taken me to clear the ivy we planted so carefully when we moved in all these years ago), a small cairn has been growing on a slightly raised bit of peat bog to the south of the mast road. Often it was little more than three or four stones on top of each other, sometimes it disappeared altogether and I have a suspicion it may have been relocated once. Now it has blossomed into a 5 feet (1.5 metre) tower as if marking a summit of some significance and indeed it may be doing just that.


20150802_001_winterhill-5 Summit Cairn on “Winter Hill – Southeast Slope”

This is the likely highest point in Bolton – Winter Hill summit lies on the Manchester/Lancashire border as so isn’t entirely within the Bolton Unitary Authority – and is identified as “Winter Hill – Southeast Slope” on, which is something of an authority on these matters. The details can be found here and I guess I need to log my visit.