Monday, 13 July 2015

Winter Hill – 11 July

Having managed a 50+ mile week last week I thought it was time to get back to proper long runs on a Saturday morning. I hadn’t been to Healey Nab for a good while so I thought Healey Nab, Great Hill, Winter Hill and the Two Lads would make a proper long run. It is a proper long run and while I got round it I needed longer than I really wanted but I am not doing 16 mile runs regularly and normally Friday would have been a rest but I had an hour or so on a bike instead.

It was a delight to see a young deer feeding in the woods near the Waterman’s Cottage and it was great to be back out for a long run on Winter Hill. The weather improved throughout the morning and by the end I was wishing I had taken a camera instead of just my phone although it would probably have taken me even longer :)


winterhill-6-1Young deer at Anglezark

winterhill-13-2Towards Belmont

winterhill-14-3Towards Egerton

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