Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Dad’s Visit – 07 July

As is the tradition, around the first weekend after the end of term my Dad comes down from Glasgow to stay for a few days. This year we suggested a “between weekends” visit but it doesn’t suit his hectic weekday schedule. He has been retired somewhat longer than we have and his schedule is somewhat more established than ours so the usual arrangements stood. This is a “photo a day” set to recall where we went and although I didn’t plan it the sequence is, quite appropriately, bookended by two shots of Customer Service staff at Wigan North Western station.


20150702_001_wigan-37-Edit How Can I Help You?

Waiting to meet the train from Glasgow and I wasn’t unhappy that I didn’t need to seek assistance – perhaps she was just having a bad day. Who doesn’t?

20150703_002_lytham-3-EditIce Cream with Red Sauce (or Monkey Blood as it was known locally)

A proper hot summer day when we wandered along the prom, took some photos, had an ice cream and finished the day off with fish and chips on the way home. Just what hot summer days are for.


20150704_003_coniston-22-EditSmile, for the camera

Another warm day, this time at Coniston for a cruise on the Steam Yacht Gondola. Before sailing we watched many many people hire self-drive motor boats and each had to be fitted with and in some instances helped into a life jacket. This seemed, without exception, to require a photograph as if to prove they had managed to master the life jacket.


20150705_004_belmont-2-EditLonely Bar

Just time for a swift one before Sunday Lunch and the rain which arrived more or less together – fortunately both were expected and plans made accordingly.


20150706_005_salford-26-EditSalford Quays

A short day out for a wander round the Quays before retiring to the tennis on TV to avoid the rain.


20150707_006_wigan-25-EditCustomer Services Again – not as fierce but, perhaps, more insistent

Back to Wigan North Western to finish where it all started and to conclude, coincidently, with the ever present Customer Services staff. As always, it was great to see and spend time with Dad. Walking away from the station I couldn’t help thinking and hoping that I’ll still be around and travelling independently as I approach my 90th Birthday.


  1. Hi Ian - I'm back again catching up on reading your lovely posts. My dear dad is 90 too ... a great age and he keeps very active.

    Your photo's are lovely, thank you for sharing. Glad to hear (on another post) that your knee is a little better, hope it remains that way

    Lovely to read and look at your recent postings ... I hope you continue to have a great summer.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

    PS Really liked the picture of that young deer too ... again on another of your most recent posts.

    1. Hi Jan,

      Thanks again for looking in and for commenting too, I really appreciate it.