Monday, 27 July 2015

Coope’s Dozen – 25 July

After an absence last year (when I soloed it out of a sense of tradition) Coope’s Dozen returned for 2015. A fairly large group set off at the usual time of 09:00 ‘ish after the obligatory start line photos (these and some others can be seen here).

20150725_001_horwich-11-EditThe Finish Line at the end of the final stretch of track

20150725_002_winterhill-3Rivington Trig Point freshly painted for 2015 and sporting a Red Rose on each of the two Lancashire faces.

Almost subliminally, a ‘fast group’ emerged from the peloton and Andy & Christa I made way along the traditional route from Noon Hill, Rivington Pike, Two Lads and Whimberry Hill to Egg Hillock. The route selection to Counting Hill is like a multiple choice question without any right answer. We weren’t tempted to tackle the bracken head on by following any of the usual direct routes and went on to Shaly Dingle and fought our way through the bracken from there.

Andy retired at Hordern Stoops to save his legs for two “Bob Graham” legs on Saturday night. After some refreshments provided by the man himself, John Coope, Christa and I headed towards Old Adam’s Hill which offers another selection of dreadful routes to and from the summit. After Spittlers Edge, Great Hill, Round Loaf and Hurst Hill (which doesn’t count although it could be used to make a “Coope’s Baker’s Dozen”) followed quickly as we made our way to Waterman’s Cottage where John was waiting for us.

With a PB for Christa looking very likely we didn’t hang around there or on Healey Nab, the 12th of the 12. The run in after the last summit is often a bit of a struggle but not today and Christa achieved her PB!

Thanks for the company Christa and Andy. Thanks John for the support – it really makes a difference.

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