Monday, 29 June 2015

Michele Sunter’s Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge – 27 June

A couple of years ago Albert completed the JNLC and in doing so seems to have given the bug to his wife, Michele. We looked in at Dunmail Raise to say “Happy Birthday” and to promise to be on time to meet her later at Sty Head.

20150627_001_MS_JNC-30Enjoying a grand birthday

20150627_003_MS_JNC-101Sty Head – Support Team are enjoying themselves (Josie, Mark, Carl, Abigail & Pauline)

20150627_004_MS_JNC-106Tony Marlow, Michele and Albert arriving ahead of schedule

20150627_005_MS_JNC-113With Joss at Greendale Bridge after a successful completion

20150627_006_MS_JNC-121Happy Birthday from Joss

Very Happy Birthday and many Congratulations Michele!

Unfortunately Tony Varley took a tumble descending Seatallan and was subsequently airlifted to Carlisle Infirmary. He banged his head and now has a very impressive set of bruises and grazes but is home and well on the road to recovery. Tony Marlow made a dash for the valley and land line to raise the alarm while Josie stayed with Tony until Mountain Rescue arrived. Mark & Andy who had run on earlier legs headed back up with the Mountain Rescue team. “Chapeau” to all involved but especially to Josie for being so well prepared and taking on the hardest task.

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