Sunday, 7 June 2015

Winter Hill – 06 June

No matter where we go to walk or run there is always something a little special about getting back to Winter Hill, especially on a sunny morning. This is the third time this week but two other occasions were evening runs after work and although they count, obviously, the time to stand and stare just doesn’t seem to be there, unlike today.

I tried previously and not very successfully to use my phone camera to capture days like this but I keep seeing really impressive shots by other people so I am going to try again. It is like starting over again and, like as not, I’ll fall into the same traps all over again – over processing, wrong pre-set, or whatever. Anyway, I am going to try.

20150606_001_winterhill-2Between the quarries

20150606_002_winterhill-12Worn finger post


20150606_004_winterhill-18Bolton under fluffy clouds

20150606_005_winterhill-26Belmont & beyond

20150606_006_winterhill-38Manchester under fluffy clouds

20150606_007_winterhill-46Smithills  Reservoir

20150606_008_winterhill-48Holdens Farm

20150606_009_winterhill-64Ridgmont Park

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