Monday, 29 June 2015

Michele Sunter’s Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge – 27 June

A couple of years ago Albert completed the JNLC and in doing so seems to have given the bug to his wife, Michele. We looked in at Dunmail Raise to say “Happy Birthday” and to promise to be on time to meet her later at Sty Head.

20150627_001_MS_JNC-30Enjoying a grand birthday

20150627_003_MS_JNC-101Sty Head – Support Team are enjoying themselves (Josie, Mark, Carl, Abigail & Pauline)

20150627_004_MS_JNC-106Tony Marlow, Michele and Albert arriving ahead of schedule

20150627_005_MS_JNC-113With Joss at Greendale Bridge after a successful completion

20150627_006_MS_JNC-121Happy Birthday from Joss

Very Happy Birthday and many Congratulations Michele!

Unfortunately Tony Varley took a tumble descending Seatallan and was subsequently airlifted to Carlisle Infirmary. He banged his head and now has a very impressive set of bruises and grazes but is home and well on the road to recovery. Tony Marlow made a dash for the valley and land line to raise the alarm while Josie stayed with Tony until Mountain Rescue arrived. Mark & Andy who had run on earlier legs headed back up with the Mountain Rescue team. “Chapeau” to all involved but especially to Josie for being so well prepared and taking on the hardest task.

Paul Cornforth’s Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge – 27 June

Whilst at Dunmail Raise to say hello to Michele whom we would see later in the day at Sty Head, we saw Paul Cornforth make brief stop during his JNLC record breaking run to Greendale Bridge.

20150627_001_MS_JNC-73Eat It Now!

20150627_002_MS_JNC-76Final words of encouragement

20150627_003_MS_JNC-79Heading for Steel Fell

20150627_004_MS_JNC-82Hill Support follows

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Winter Hill – 23 June

A beautiful sunny evening for a run and Walker Fold wood was dappled in patches bright sunlight. As always these patches are a delight to see and a problem to photograph. I doubt anything illustrates the difference between what the eye “sees” and what the camera  “sees” than woodlands where the eye isolates areas of interest so effectively. Every now and then a patch of light is so well defined and strong that even a iPhone camera can “see” it.


20150623_001_winterhill-28-EditSteps leading out of Walker Fold wood

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Lingmoor Fell - 21 June

More than eleven years have slipped away since we last visited Lingmoor Fell and on the same day we crossed Side Pike but didn’t visit the summit and this morning we rectified both. Side Pike enjoys unsurpassed views into Great Langdale and is well worth visiting.



20150621_002_gtlangdale-88-EditHead of Great Langdale beyond Side Pike

20150621_003_gtlangdale-92-EditLangdale Pikes

20150621_004_gtlangdale-96-EditBlea Tarn

20150621_005_gtlangdale-112-EditBlea Tarn

Monday, 22 June 2015

Not Kirk Fell – 20 June

Promised “an improving forecast” we set out from Great Langdale for Kirk Fell. By the time we reached Ennerdale by way of Rossett Gully, Esk Hause and Aaron Slack the visibility and rain were worse than they had been when we left Raw Head. There was no point in climbing Kirk Fell to recce Red Gully and so we headed back and then the weather improved. Having missed Kirk Fell we went on to miss Andy Watts on a successful Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge attempt before failing to visit a Birkett adjacent to Rossett Pike. Not our most successful day on the fells!


20150620_001_gtlangdale-56Climbing out of Great Langdale

20150620_002_gtlangdale-60Looking back into Great Langdale


20150620_003_gtlangdale-61Looking back into Great Langdale (II)

20150620_004_gtlangdale-63Angle Tarn

20150620_005_gtlangdale-67Great End


20150620_006_gtlangdale-68Heading to Wasdale from Sty Head

20150620_007_gtlangdale-78Great Langdale (much later)

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Wasdale – 14 June

A night at Brackenclose with Albert & Michele before a leisurely breakfast enjoying watching the sunshine creep into the valley. The high fells remained shrouded in low cloud and it looks as though Michele will be visiting Great Gable inside a cloud again. The improving forecast suggests the rest of Michele’s Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge Leg 4 should be in better conditions.

20150614_001_brackenclose-5Scafell Pike in cloud

20150614_002_brackenclose-36St Olaf’s Church

Up to Sty Head and into the cloud on Great Gable and down to Beck Head where we, very briefly, drop below the cloud base. Kirk Fell is equally shrouded and needs a couple of attempts to find a way down to Black sail Pass. As we are descending the clouds are lifting and all the spectacle of the western Lakes is revealed, all at once. Pillar stubbornly holds on to its clouds but no matter it is a great day out and getting better.


20150614_004_brackenclose-44On Steeple looking back at Pillar

20150614_005_brackenclose-49Another look at Ennerdale with the Buttermere Fells beyond

20150614_007_brackenclose-63Wast Water and the Scafells

20150614_006_brackenclose-60On Middle Fell with Joss who came out to see how we were doing

Eskdale – 13 June

A few more Birketts and a Wainwright for our Third Round from Doctor Bridge in Eskdale and it is strange how quickly time passes. It is more than 10 years since we visited Green Crag and my recollection was of a small hill a long way from anywhere and well guarded by bogs. I think the bogs must lie between Green Crag and Harter Fell because we saw few today coming from Eskdale and the relative isolation probably reflects the level of weariness on the day.

Starting at the delightful Doctor Bridge, Kepple Crag, Great Whinscale, The Pike and Green Crag all follow on from each very quickly. The three Birketts beyond were tempting but tomorrow will be longer and have much more climbing so we save our legs for Sunday and head for Wasdale.


20150613_003_brackenclose-31-EditDoctor Bridge

20150613_001_brackenclose-1-EditHarter Fell

20150613_002_brackenclose-5-EditDevoke Water and the Ulpha Fells

20150613_004_brackenclose-109-EditSca Fell

20150613_005_brackenclose-164-EditWast Water

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Winter Hill – 06 June

No matter where we go to walk or run there is always something a little special about getting back to Winter Hill, especially on a sunny morning. This is the third time this week but two other occasions were evening runs after work and although they count, obviously, the time to stand and stare just doesn’t seem to be there, unlike today.

I tried previously and not very successfully to use my phone camera to capture days like this but I keep seeing really impressive shots by other people so I am going to try again. It is like starting over again and, like as not, I’ll fall into the same traps all over again – over processing, wrong pre-set, or whatever. Anyway, I am going to try.

20150606_001_winterhill-2Between the quarries

20150606_002_winterhill-12Worn finger post


20150606_004_winterhill-18Bolton under fluffy clouds

20150606_005_winterhill-26Belmont & beyond

20150606_006_winterhill-38Manchester under fluffy clouds

20150606_007_winterhill-46Smithills  Reservoir

20150606_008_winterhill-48Holdens Farm

20150606_009_winterhill-64Ridgmont Park

Monday, 1 June 2015

Ord Ban - 28th May

Ord Ban is a small Marilyn just south of Aviemore with relatively easy access from the Glen Feshie road - or so we thought.

Looking north towards Aviemore

 The sunshine was something of a contrast with the rest of the week and it seemed we might have a short, enjoyable, sunny climb to the trig point. One thing after another seemed to get in our way so that by the time we had cleared the woods we were just in time to see a storm sweeping up the valley on its way to the Cairngorms. 

With perfect timing we arrived at the trig point at the same time as the snow storm, twas ever thus.

Ord Ban watching a storm moving to the Cairngorms