Sunday, 31 May 2015

Monadh Mor via Tom Dubh - 27 May

This was always going to be speculative - it isn't possible in Glen Feshie to tell what the weather is going to be like on the plateau above - but it was worth a look at, even if we were forced to bail out along the way.

A new, superbly graded path provides easy, fast access to the clag and strong winds above. The large tracks enable easy navigation for the first part of the route but when they stop it really is a different world.

Tom Dubh is an insignificant little summit but it provides a positive location and we were happy to find the summit in near zero visibility. Finding Monadh Mor was only slightly easier now but the easiest route to the summit was blocked by a snow field which disappeared into the clouds above. Wishing to avoid a steep snow field we wandered upstream along the outflow from Loch nan Stuirteag, wishing to avoid crossing a calf deep, freezing cold river didn't do any good - it still had to be crossed and re-crossed on the descent.

River crossing done and all that is left is the final slog over the boulder fields in the low cloud. Eventually a cairn looms out of the gloom and we are there. The strong, cold wind discourages lingering and so, without delay, we start to retrace our steps to Glen Feshie.

Looking back to Sgor Gaoith

Another snowfield

Pauline on the last snowfield before Tom Dubh

Looking back to Sgor Gaoith

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